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Austriaklinik Company takes on the task of caring for patients starting on the day of application till returning home. It is here where the people from the entire world can have primary medical advisement in their native language and appoint treatment.


  • Primary advisement and assistance in getting an independent medical opinion;
  • Planning diagnostics and treatment, imputed value of services;
  • Booking a hotel or a private apartment, depending on your request;
  • Organization of transfer from/to the airport, visits to the clinic and the place of residence;
  • Assistance in receipt of a visa;
  • Assistance in translating medical documentation;
  • Providing the copies of medical opinions/certificates after examination;
  • Assistance in the organization of payment for treatment;
  • Organization of communication with doctors after discharge from the clinic.



If you are interested in medical advisement, we offer you to send us by e-mail your complete case history together with the results of the implemented investigations. The moment your request is considered, we will contact you to inform about the recommended course of treatment and reasonability of coming to Austria.   

In case of a positive decision about your treatment trip, Austriaklinik specialists will elaborate your plan for medical advisement and the required investigations. The possibility to accept a patient by the Austriaklinik clinic is determined on the basis of the health status and the degree of necessity in medical intervention.  



The payment is implemented to the account of the clinic according to the issued cost sheet. The cost of Austriaklinik Company services for trip organization amounts to 15% of the cost of the entire treatment.



We understand that language barrier can be very serious when addressing a foreign clinic. Because of this, we entirely undertake the care for the patients starting from the day of application till their return home. Austriaklinik members will help with the translation of the medical documents, trip and transfer organization, visiting a doctor, etc. The cost of permanent assistance of a professional medical interpreter-coordinator with the knowledge of 6 languages is 100 €/day        



Austriaklinik specialists will help you in choosing a convenient residence option in accordance with your demands and requests. 



 Austriaklinik provides fee-based transfer services, including airport meeting, organization of visits to the clinic and back to the place of residence (hotel or private apartment – depending on your request).



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