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The AustriaKlinik’s goal is to provide patients with excellent care and medical practitioners with optimal working conditions through a combination of first-class health care and modern hospital management.


According to treatment reviews in Europe, the Austrian clinics are distinguished by high level of service, modern equipment and a wide range of methods to combat serious diseases including oncology. A high flow of patients from all round the world encourages clinics to work hard on developing medical facilities and materials, increasing the level of staff and the quality of the services they provide.


Excellent customer management together with affordable treatment and rehabilitation in Austria provides an individual approach to each patient and gives a chance for a new life. Prices for treatment in the Austrian clinic are derived from the cost of procedures undertaken and your accommodation in the center. Given the high quality of medical procedures and the minimum rehabilitation period due to minimally invasive intervention, the cost of treatment in our clinic is more affordable, and the result is completely predictable.


Write to us to find out about the possibility of treatment and the procedure to enter Austria for treatment. We will answer all your questions and will overcome any problems together!

+43 664 951 7470


Vienna 1050, Wimmergasse 31