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We are glad to present feedbacks from our patients who have successfully completed their treatment or are at one of its stages. Each feedback is a small story with a successful end. We thank all the patients who took the time to evaluate our work and make comments and recommendations.

Feedback on treatment in Austria

Cancer diagnosis hits like a ton of bricks, and if combined with fear and uncertainty to travel to another country, you will get a sad picture! But after making the way from diagnosis to first remission, the fear and shock dissipate. I am very fortunate to have my family, relatives and AustriaKlinik near me all the way.

In Austria, the prognosis was much better, more encouraging, which gave me incredible force and desire to live and fight. Everything has worked out well, the treatment helped me, the disease has gone down. AustriaKlinik has done everything and even more, so I would not waste my energy on organizational issues.

Ecaterina Dorofeev


Evgeny's feedback on Confraternitat hospital

Some time ago I had some health problems, so I had to continuously visit doctors, each of whom would be dazed and confused and would send me to another “narrowly focused specialist”. After my friends advised me good and reliable doctors, I would go to them, undergo medical tests and expensive examinations, but, alas. It seemed like I was in a vicious circle and it would never end. When there was no hope in Russian medicine, I decided to go to Austria for a check. I was very satisfied with the work of AustriaKlinik employees, as they organized everything in a few days, very quickly and efficiently.

Eugen Litvinov


Complex diagnosis in Vienna

Based on an extensive general therapeutic examination, I was quickly consulted by an endocrinologist, gynecologist, dermatologist, orthopedist, all from Monday to Friday. Employees took care of all the details, including meeting at the airport, accommodation in a nearby cheap hotel, I even managed to go on a small walking tour around the city, it was very exciting. Thank you!

Elena Samoilova


Diagnosis at the Döbling private clinic

The top-rank diagnosis! I addressed to Dortmund for surgery to treat prostate cancer. They accepted my documents via e-mail. Later, on the same day we agreed on the date of admission, and AustriaKlinik employees organized a trip during one week. Following the on-site examination, the professor did not confirm the diagnosis, surgery was not necessary, so I sent home.

I express my deep gratitude to Austrian physicians for promptitude and high professionalism!

Ion Mîndrilă


The Sviridov family’s feedback on treatment of their mother with heart disease

In April, we sent our mother to undergo diagnosis – she had heart problems, frequent pains, dyspnea. We were advised to undergo examination and treatment in Austria. Of course, we were worried about sending our mother alone as she had never been in Europe and was 65 years old at the time, plus she didn’t speak foreign languages. After preliminary discussions with AustriaKlinik experts, we made sure that our mother would be safe and that there would be no difficulties.

That’s exactly what happened. We thank all the employees of Confraternitat hospital!

Ivan Sergeev


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