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How we work

We offer our clients comprehensive support, ranging from the first request to the discharge from the clinic after the treatment ends. Our employees undertake to ensure the quality of healthcare, tailored to the scientific level and your social needs.

1. Application for treatment

You can contact us by phone or fill in the ‘Application for treatment’, and our specialist will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request.

For the initial conversation, please be ready to tell us the following details

  • The patient’s surname, name and exact date of birth;
  • Medical information (diagnosis, treatment provided, surgery, chemotherapy/radiotherapy). It is better to have copies of your medical records at hand.
  • The patient’s current state of health (complaints, pain, medicines administered)
  • The purpose of travelling for treatment (diagnosis, therapeutic or surgical treatment, chemotherapy/radiotherapy)
  • Requirements you make to our company
  • The patient and the accompanying person must have a valid passport

2. Talking to the physician; history taking

After receiving the initial information, our physician will talk to the patient or his/her relative, will take a detailed history of the patient and will ask clarifying questions on the medical situation and the necessary medical measures.

Our physicians can carry out consultations both remotely via phone and onsite at one of our clinics.

Next, you will receive the contact details of your personal manager who will further make your trip arrangements.

Each patient will be registered with a personal manager; we work individually with all patients without exception.

On completion of the conversation, we will try, to the extent possible, based on our experience, to guide you on the cost of possible treatment or diagnosis, as well as to recommend a clinic and a leading expert in your disease.

3. Processing of medical records to be sent to the clinic

After the initial conversation, you will have to provide medical documents directly to one of our clinics or send them by e-mail or fax.

All medical reports must be printed.

Our physicians will process the provided medical records and will prepare a general clinical report according to European standards, which includes the patient’s history, the progress of disease and treatment provided.

It takes on average one day to process the medical documents.

If radiological examinations have been carried out, and you have CDs with MRI/CT scans, you will have to upload them to one of file-sharing server for download.

As a rule, if the examination was carried out on a modern device using licensed software, there will be no problems with opening the disks in clinics, but in about 30% of cases there are difficulties in recording and opening the disks in clinics.

4. Translation of medical documents

To make a request to a foreign clinic, medical documents must be translated into a foreign language (English or German).

You can translate the documents by applying to a specialized Translation Agency, or the translation of your documents can be performed by our specialists.

We also accept the translated documents that have been revised by our specialists.

The medical documents translation and execution service in our company is provided on a paid basis.

The advantage of translating medical documents by our specialists is that we translate only the required medical information and with a volume of up to 3 pages. Often, this allows you to save money on medical documents translation services.

5. Request to the clinic

Following the translation and preparation of medical documents and scans, we send a request to the clinic.

If the situation is regular, we receive a reply from the clinic within 5 business days, however the reply may come later, if the professor is on vacation or at a conference.

In a medical emergency, we can receive the reply from the clinic within 24-72 hours.

All medical documents are studied by clinicians, who will then directly treat the patient.

The physician gives an answer about the possibility/impossibility of the treatment, the supposed treatment plan and its duration. The physician can answer both in writing and verbally in a telephone conversation.

The price offer for treatment is prepared by the clinic’s settlements department. In complex medical situations, it is first proposed to perform Western clinic-based diagnosis in order to fully understand the situation, and then, based on the results of this diagnosis, the treatment will be offered directly at the clinic.

All proposed medical measures are a preliminary plan, the final decision on the next steps of examination/treatment will be taken by the physician directly at the clinic after consultation and primary examinations.

The treatment plan may change, if the actual medical situation does not correspond to the medical documents previously provided.

6. Preparing the offer for the patient

After receiving the reply from the clinic, we prepare an official offer for the patient, that includes information about the clinic and the physician, the supposed diagnosis/treatment plan, the price and duration of the treatment, the cost of the services (transfers, accommodation, interpreter), the cost of organizational services.

We offer verbal comments by phone and are always ready to answer the questions of the patient or relatives.

After the patient is familiar with the offer and agrees with the trip, we will make an agreement and begin the treatment registration process.

The organizational services of our company should be paid only if the patients consent to the trip.

7. Trip organization

Throughout the trip organization process, your personal manager will help you in all matters.

Our physicians will also monitor the entire registration process and, if necessary, will answer health-related questions.

Trip organization stages:

  • Signing an agreement with our company to arrange the trip for treatment
  • Setting the date of admission/hospitalization, based on patient’s wishes and coordination with the clinic
  • Coordinating the diagnosis plan or preparing the individual plan, if the trip is aimed at undergoing diagnostic procedures
  • Receiving the bill from the clinic for making a prepayment
  • Applying for a medical visa (if necessary)
  • Receiving an invitation from the clinic (routinely/urgently)
  • Selecting an interpreter in the city where you will be treated
  • Booking a hotel/pension for the patient and/or accompanying person
  • Booking and purchasing flight tickets


  • If you travel for a surgical intervention, 7-10 days before surgery, you will need to stop taking medications that contain aspirin.
  • If you travel for examination or treatment, please take the following into consideration.

If you regularly take some medicine, you must have a complete list of them, indicating:

1. the exact pharmacological name of the medicine (“active substance”, generic)
2. dosage form (tablets, pills, powders, drops, solution, injections, etc.)
3. single dose

The day before surgery it is not recommended to consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages.

If you are scheduled to undergo semen analysis, you will have at least 3 days abstinence before the procedure. You must also avoid drinking alcoholic beverages 3 days before the procedure.

8. Treatment

Arrival and accommodation

When you arrive at the airport, at your request, we can arrange a meeting at the airport and transfer to the clinic/hotel.

During your treatment, you will be accompanied by a coordinating interpreter.

For primary consultations and examinations, during 1-2 days it is obligatory that you use the interpreter’s services, afterwards you will decide for yourself whether you need or not to work with him/her.

Using the services of a competent interpreter will not only facilitate your contact with the clinic staff, but often allows you to significantly speed up the diagnosis and treatment process and even save money on your treatment.


In the case of inpatient admission, you will need to arrive at the clinic at 8.00-12.00 in the morning on the day of hospitalization. You can arrive this very day in the morning flight or the day before.

Please note that if you arrive early in the morning, the rest of the day will be very tiring and stressful, so if the patient feels bad, it makes sense to arrive the day before, to have a rest and get enough sleep.

For outpatient treatment, consultation time depends on your physician’s schedule, which you will have previously be informed about.

We control your treatment while you are abroad and, where necessary, resolve the issues that have arisen.

If the treatment continues, and you must extend your visa for a longer period (extension is possible for medical visas only), we will assist you in contacting a specialized agency in the host country (Foreigners Department) and collecting the relevant set of documents required for visa extension.

We recommend to begin to address the visa extension issue 5-7 days before the end date of your current visa.

End of treatment/settlement with the clinic

In the case of outpatient treatment, patients usually receive the bill immediately.

You may receive the outpatient discharge summary based on outpatient treatment/diagnosis at the clinic immediately, or a little later if you want to wait for the results of any examinations.

In the case of inpatient treatment, you can wait for the bill from the clinic from 3 weeks to 4 months (depending on the complexity of the medical situation).

This is a common practice for Europe because each department and laboratory send their bills to the settlements department, and sometimes this process may take a lot of time.

9. Patient’s return

Before discharging from the clinic, we recommend that you ask your physician to prepare the Discharge Summary and find out about the medicine recommendations.

The recommended medicines can be purchased in the country of treatment. For this, you should ask your physician to write you out prescriptions. You can order the medicines at any pharmacy.

Terms for refund of treatment costs at various clinics in Europe range from 2 weeks to 6 months.

We inform our patients in advance about the approximate refund terms at any given clinic.

10. Follow-up of patient

Upon our patients’ return, we keep in touch with them.

If your treating physicians at your place of residence have any questions related to your health, we will always be able to contact your treating physician abroad and clarify the procedure.

If treatment is long-term and requires more trips abroad, we will organize the necessary number of trips.

If you have to translate the discharge summary into Russian, you can also contact us for help.


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