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Due to the cooperation with well-known highly qualified specialists, Austriaklinik guarantees the best medical qualification and know-how of the highest level.

Urology in Austria is one of the most popular and dynamic branches of medicine. Leading clinics provide patients with modern and effective methods for treatment of urologic diseases. In turn, Austriaklinik specializes in the organization of patients’ travels abroad for diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions.

Austriaklinik invites everyone for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Austria using modern methods under the supervision of experienced physicians. Our partners’ clinics have a full range of necessary medical and diagnostic equipment that allow effectively detect and treat heart and vessel diseases of various etiologies.

High professionalism and vast experience of endocrinologists enable them to cope with the most difficult endocrine cases. Today, Austrian clinics of endocrinology widely use innovative technologies, numerous research activities are carried out, allowing specialists in Austrian clinics to constantly develop in their professional field and provide a high level of treatment.

Surgery in Austria is a dynamically developing industry. Today, leading medical institutions in Vienna provide a wide range of services: thoracic and visceral surgery, minimally invasive interventions, laparoscopic surgery, vascular surgery.

When undergoing diagnosis and treatment of cancer, many patients trust exclusively foreign specialists. Austrian oncology enjoys the confidence of people around the world and has repeatedly proved its effectiveness.

To prolong youth, eliminate defects and correct appearance flaws – all these are natural desires of almost any person. Modern plastic surgery makes it possible to easily solve a variety of appearance-related problems.

The organization of treatment in Vienna in the field of orthopedics and traumatology is one of the most important segments of our company’s activity. AustriaKlinik collaborates with leading clinics in Austria. The experience gained makes it possible to consider all the nuances of this process and to organize the treatment of orthopedic diseases as efficiently and comfortably as possible.

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