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Plastic surgery

To prolong youth, eliminate defects and correct appearance flaws – all these are natural desires of almost any person. Modern plastic surgery makes it possible to easily solve a variety of appearance-related problems.

Plastic surgery and body correction are nowadays quite popular areas of aesthetic medicine. Thanks to the latest surgical methods, body correction becomes more and more simple and accessible. Modern plastic surgery clinics specialize in two areas – aesthetic improvement of appearance and correction of acquired or birth defects. With the help of the latest methods of surgery, it is possible to effectively restore and enhance outer beauty and body aesthetics.

To prolong youth, eliminate defects and correct appearance flaws – all these are natural desires of almost any person. Modern plastic surgery makes it possible to easily solve a variety of appearance-related problems. Those who require aesthetic surgery, hope to be operated on namely by foreign specialists.

Austrian medical centers and clinics offer a wide range of facial and body surgical operations, figure and breast correction operations. Eyelid and lips surgery, lifting of various body areas and other surgical interventions are performed at the highest level.

Plastic surgery in Austria provides an opportunity to receive any type of services, including:

  • Rhinoplasty and reconstructive rhinoplasty;
  • Blepharoplasty;
  • Upper and lower eyelid correction;
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty);
  • Liposuction;
  • Breast augmentation, breast reduction;
  • Breast lift;
  • Otoplasty;
  • Scar revision surgery;
  • Botox therapy;
  • Correction of triceps;
  • Circular face lift/face-lifting;
  • Chin shape correction/double chin removal;
  • Neck skin tightening;
  • Lower leg aesthetics;
  • Reconstructive surgery after removal of the breast;
  • Mammoplasty

Plastic surgery in Austria guarantees the highest level of medical care and assistance of experienced qualified professionals who dispose of innovative technologies and the latest equipment. The field of plastic surgery is constantly evolving, scientists are developing advanced methods of performing surgery and new equipment in order to reduce the invasiveness of procedures and side effects, reducing the time of patients’ recovery. Thus, cosmetic surgery offers a stable desired result. At the same time, speed of all procedures, minimum risks and the very short rehabilitation period compensate for the cost of the surgery.

Foreign surgeons have successfully and professionally performed thousands of reconstructive surgery procedures. Medical centers and plastic surgery clinics meet stringent world standards and are supplied with state-of-the-art equipment. Impeccable service and warm attitude of the staff make the patients feel at home in comfortable wards. It is worth mentioning that body correction and any other procedures imply preservation of confidentiality. Small secrets about rejuvenation and improvement in appearance will remain the personal secret of patients.

Breast augmentation in Austria

The breast surgery and reconstruction are extremely attractive for the Russian female patients who hope to make it more beautiful, firmer and perkier, increase the size or change the shape. Many women who have decided to change their breasts entrust surgery to doctors in foreign clinics who are very attentive and careful about their patients and guarantee impressive results.

Mammoplasty specialists always accurately plan any surgical intervention. At the preparatory stage of breast surgery, an examination is performed to identify the lack of internal diseases; chest ultrasound and consultation of a breast physician. The breast correction involves the choice of an implant and anesthesia, the future place; determination of the optimal implant placement and incision options. Plastic surgery clinics use 3D breast modeling with different types of implants. This technology helps to compare the various options and choose the most suitable one.

The breast implant is chosen individually at the recommendation of a surgeon based on the physiological characteristics of the woman and the expected aesthetic outcome. Consultation with the physician involves discussing all the nuances of surgery and the postoperative period. Everything is well-thought-out, so even the surgical suture will become almost invisible or will resemble a track that bra left.

Plastic surgery in Israeli and German clinics is characterized by a small number of surgical injuries and extremely short time for performing the entire set of procedures, including preliminary examination, surgery and recovery. The cost of breast augmentation abroad varies widely enough, depending on the country and region chosen, the specific case, the individual characteristics and the wishes of the patients.

Body correction in Austria

Plastic surgery in Austria has a wide range of technologies for performing mammoplasty and breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Another popular surgical intervention is abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, which is an excellent way for overweight women or women who gave birth to get in shape. This operation is aimed at several purposes – to remove excess skin and fat rolls, as well as to get good beneficial effect and to have a beautiful abdomen without rolls of fat and scars.

Plastic surgery in Europe also includes such types of body correction as buttock lift, liposuction, removal of dark spots, hip lift, as well as intimate female and male genital cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery in European clinics guarantees a comprehensive approach, the latest equipment, the highest professionalism of physicians and relative affordability.

Experienced specialists will never promise fantastic results, instead they can offer real solutions based on a computer-simulated postoperative image. Therefore, you can be sure that in the hands of Austrian plastic surgeons, you will certainly not regret your choice!


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