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Welcome international patients

We offer our clients a comprehensive support, starting with the first request and ending with the discharge from the clinic after the treatment.

Advanced medicine-treatment in Austria

First-class medical services have a long tradition in Austria. Every year, thousands of patients come to Vienna clinics to take advantage of advanced medical care. Foreign patients are willing to choose the private clinic AustriaKlinik, which offers a wide range of interventions and treatments: these include complex diagnostic interventions, as well as surgical disciplines such as orthopedics, gynecology, urological surgery, Oncology, endocrinology, dentistry.

Treatment in Europe is an opportunity to learn more about your health and to receive qualified advanced medical care. The AustriaKlinik campaign, which works in tandem with the leading specialists and researchers of the best clinics in Austria, offers a full range of paid medical services for individuals with treatment.

Absolute comfort - from getting a visa to ordering a limousine

In addition to the high quality of services, AustriaKlinik offers a variety of additional services – from visa and booking a room at the hotel in case of outpatient treatment or for the patient's relatives to the organization of airport transfer or limousine service.

We offer our clients a comprehensive support, starting with the first request and ending with the discharge from the clinic after the treatment. Patients will receive detailed information regarding all rehabilitation activities. Medical and care personnel speak foreign languages and English is spoken everywhere. If necessary, the patient is provided with an interpreter.

Prices for treatment in Austria are based on the cost of the procedures and your stay in the center. Given the high quality of the manipulations and the minimum rehabilitation period provided by minimally invasive intervention, the cost of treatment in the clinics of our partners is available, and the result is completely predictable.

You can get a preliminary consultation on your problem by contacting the doctors wherever you are. By providing us with your medical card information, you will receive recommendations and payment for treatment abroad.

Write or call us to find out about the possibility of treatment in Austria and learn the order of departure for treatment. We will answer all your questions and overcome any difficulties together.

We offer the following:

  • Fast coordination of the time of admission will provide you with access to the most famous doctors of the city of Vienna;
  • Immediate preparation and forwarding of treatment plan and cost estimates based on your personal needs;
  • Provision of translators;
  • Accommodation at the hotel for family members and relatives;
  • Help with invitation letter for visa in your country;
  • Organization of medical transportation and medical flights from anywhere in the world.

Payment by Bank transfer

Please note that a Bank transfer from abroad takes several days and therefore must be made in advance. On the payment confirmation, please also indicate the name and date of the patient's admission, so that it is easier for us to identify the payment, and there was no uncertainty in the reception.

If you do not need emergency treatment, then the amount paid on Deposit will be sufficient. If your doctors appoint additional examinations and procedures or extend your stay in our clinic, if necessary, we will ask you to replenish the Deposit. In case your Schengen visa expires during your stay at the clinic, we will take care of the visa extension for medical reasons. To do this, 2 days before the end of the visa, we will need your visa documents and a copy of the passport.


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